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TERRACE MATES® is an innovative solution to the search for shade and dining space on narrow balconies and terraces. At last, condominium, townhouse and apartment dwellers can effortlessly transform cramped and long ignored patio, deck or veranda areas into a welcoming and vibrant addition to their lifestyle.
Blue Star Group’s exciting TERRACE MATES® collection of folding tables and chairs feature the exclusive OFF-THE-WALL BRELLA® half-canopy umbrella and base. The CALEO, VILLA, and BISTRO SETS are specially designed to stand without attachment in front of a wall, fence, window or sliding glass door. This convenient product creates a delightfully shaded outdoor living experience to enjoy from any view. When not in use the umbrella, table and chairs can be folded neatly along the wall and out of the way to conserve space.
TERRACE MATES® versatile and portable designs will become essential for any outdoor event where unused space can be converted into useful sitting and dining areas. It is ideal for sidewalk Cafés where restaurateurs can create or expand their outdoor seating capacity.
TERRACE MATES® table and chairs are made of strong, durable hardwood that can withstand the elements year after year. Canopies for OFF-THE-WALL BRELLA® are available in Olefin® or optional SUNBRELLA® material. Adding a set of Blue Star Group’s BRELLA LIGHTS® to the umbrella can further enhance the settings ambience with a delightful glow of soft, subtle light when the sun goes down.


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